Affiliated to Govt. University but DOES NOT follow its syllabus or curriculum

  • Curriculum is common with any other affiliated institute and is regulated by a University throughout a certain region (sometimes even an entire state).
  • Easy availabilty and ample options for books (especially local authors).
  • No relative grading system, so a difficult paper means low marks for everyone.
  • Syllabus, schedules, curriculum etc. set by affiliated University has to be blindly followed.
  • Schedules are known to go haywire with results of previous semesters and sometimes being announced only few days before the next exams.
  • Exams are conducted by the affiliated University.


Affiliated to Govt. University but FOLLOWS its OWN syllabus or curriculum

  • Academic Independence which gives it the freedom to revise the syllabus with time and follow a schedule which is more suitable for the set curriculum
  • Exams are conducted by the institute itself and are in accordance with what is being taught during the session.
  • Relative grading system where highest marks obtained by a student decides the marks the other get. So in case of a difficult paper, a low percentage score would not necesarily mean a low GPA.
  • Degrees are finally awarded by affiliated university, which generally carries a lot of reputation.